Why Charlie

Charles Pariente is an artist with experience of over two decades, with his journey starting all the way in Central America’s small but vibrant Belize. Surrounded by a mixture of culture and color, Charlie has been focused on establishing his own sound. He has worked on many projects where he contributed in a multitude of roles, from singer-songwriter, guitar, drums to producing. More recently, he has released singles such as ‘Sunbound’ and ‘Head In The Sand’ by his band Altitudes.

Focused on developing his music, Charlie applied and was accepted to Berklee College of Music’s Bachelor of Music program. He relocated to Boston in 2015 and immersed himself in Berklee’s nurturing musical environment. He was surrounded by talented musicians, where he was able to work on multiple projects. He produced artists and worked on becoming a versatile and multi-talented musician. He successfully completed his program with honors in 2018.

While in Boston, Charlie founded the three-piece punk rock band Easy Target, releasing the LP “Sitting Ducks” in 2017. Now back in California, he’s working on numerous projects including session work, mixing and mastering projects, and private music instruction. He also joined the band Altitudes, mixing their debut EP “Sunbound,” and playing lead guitar on their latest single “Head In The Sand.”

With the knowledge and skills obtained from professional training in performance, songwriting, and music production, Charlie crafted the services offered by CMAP Music, his artist development program. Integrating his guitar and general musical influences such as Steve Vai, Slash, K.Flay, Robert Delong, Twenty One Pilots, Poppy, and Bonaparte, Charlie is ready to impart his knowledge with all of his clients in a simple and meaningful way. Get in touch to learn more today.

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